Aubrey Hopper

Aubrey Hopper

Undergraduate student

Originally born in Austin, Texas, Aubrey was raised by her mother in Chicago where she attended Chicago Waldorf School, an anthroposophical institution dedicated to holistic education.

Entering her third year at Washington University in St Louis, she is now a psychology major with a concentration in lifespan development. She currently works as an emergency medical technician for Accucare in St. Louis and is honored to begin volunteering with Seasons Hospice this summer.

She hopes to continue her studies in geriatric and end-of-life psychology and is very interested in pursuing research and clinical practice within these areas as well as in topics related to chronic pain and lifelong pain management.

As a person living with daily chronic pain, she hopes that she can serve those with conditions similar to and more severe than hers not only as a researcher but also as a beacon of support and advocacy.